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Elite Strippers - Australia Wide

We are Queensland's Biggest and Best Adult Entertainment Agency operating Australia wide.

Providing the best Topless/Nude Waitresses & Waiters, Exotic Dancers And Strippers found on the Gold Coast, Brisbane And Sunshine Coast as well as Australia Wide & in all Major Cities and Regional areas. Elite Strippers. Any Occasion, Anywhere.

At Elite Strippers our performers/waitstaff enjoy what they do! They are a part of this industry because they want to be - not because they have to be. Elite Strippers do not supply performers/waitstaff that support a drug habit or engage in other illicit activities.

Whilst other agents may send you whoever they want because its "easier", E.g., Whatever girl/guy is closest to you. We don't! We will actually make the effort to contact your preferred performer/waitstaff & confirm their availability.

The performers /waitstaff displayed on our website are all currently active with recent photos– While other agencies still list performers/waitstaff that are no longer in the industry.




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